…than a hand written card, sent in the mail (and a gift card) that says,

“Jen and Marc–thank you for an amazing week of camp!  Our boys had a blast and learned so much.  They couldn’t stop talking about it when they came home.  Many thanks, Emily & Dalton”  Then the “boys”, also signed the card, “Thanks!”  That was so special to us and it made our day!



We have reserved 2 spots open in our cooking camp – there’s still time to register!  

We are starting off cooking camp with a BANG!   The roots of Western civilization are grounded in Greece, so we are starting off the week like the Greeks! This is food that’s full of flavors — the kids may have no idea how delicious the food is, but by the end of the day, they will be  in ‘deep love’ for tasty traditional Greek food!  And there’s more delicious days ahead…to register and for more details, click HERE.

Only 3 more weeks until summer cooking camp — we have 2 spots open.  Please checkout our cooking camp page for more details and to register!

Bon Appetit!

Cooking camp is less than a month away…space is limited, and we only have 5 more spots available!

One element of our camp that is completely different than any other cooking camp is the emphasis that we place on  etiquette education.

Every day of the camp we talk about etiquette and manners, and we practice, practice, practice at every meal. In the book, How Rude! The Teen Guide To Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out , by Alex J. Packer, PH.D.,— the author points out many reasons why we as a society are so uneducated about etiquette and manners.  From his survey of why adults today are less polite, and why parents think children today are less polite –the resounding message is: “Manners are not stressed at home or reinforced in school”. At Cazares Style cooking camp, we bring back and stress the importance of etiquette education!  For more cooking camp details and to register, please click HERE.

We’ll be eating our way from the Americas to Europe!  From Peru, located in our neighboring continent, South America – we’re going to make empanadas and other Peruvian delights.   There’s so much amazing food in Europe, we’ll make that our main stop.  Oh oui – our French friends are not to be forgotten – we’ll make those outrageous Macrons (a special request from a returning student)! And in Greece, Spanakopita, made with phyllo and lots of butter, a definite comfort food.  In Italy we’ll prepare Rustic Chicken cacciatore with mushrooms and Gruyere polenta.  One of Spain’s most famous dishes — Paella, a classic from coastal Spain is feast for the eyes stomach!   Oh yeah, the good ‘ol USA – comfort food all the way!  With just about month before Summer Cooking Camp – you still have time to register – but don’t delay another day!  To register and for more camp details, please visit our Summer Cooking Camp page.

Not only will your kids experience hands-on cooking, they will simultaneously feel more confident from receiving expert knowledge from Jen Cazares, former restaurant owner and caterer!  They will master fundamental kitchen skills like: knife skills, kitchen safety, measuring and mixing, reading recipes, team work, and have fun! Each day they will build on previous learned skills, and on day five, they will have fun playing the “Chopped Challenge” game.  In addition, they will learn about etiquette and manners at every meal (essential life skills not taught in school), receive a packet of recipes taught in class and have access to a video of the week.   For more information, to register, and to watch last year’s video, click HERE. Only 6 spots left!

If you are trying to figure out what you want your kids to do this summer, consider cooking camp!  It’s 5 days of fun in the kitchen – kids learn knife skills, basic cooking skills, nutrition, team work, etiquette and manners (taught daily), and this year we will feature Chef guest speakers!  It’s going to be a sweet week and not to be missed!

This year we will be cooking the most popular celebratory meals from around the world!

Delicious recipes included (menus subject to change). The maximum number of children is 10.

For more details and to register, see our summer cooking camp page.

Now that Spring has arrived, we are more in the frame of mind to make summer plans – camps for kids, travel, etc.  Just like that, 2 former students have registered for the third year in a row!  Because they love the cooking camp so much, 2 of their friends have registered too!

DSC02803Don’t wait to the last minute, register now…we have only 6 spots available!


In anticipation of our Oscar party tomorrow night, I made individual Chocolate Cream Pudding Tarts.  Lucky us, I had a little left over chocolate cream pudding, so I made this.  It’s an entertaining dessert “keeper”.  Maybe a summer cooking camp dessert too?


Registration for Cazares Style Summer Cooking Camp is now OPEN!  Space is limited, so don’t miss out. Lock in your kid’s spot for a fun-filled week of cooking with your paid registration –  July 10th-14th.  They will learn skills that cannot be learned in school!

  • The art of the preparation, cooking and presentation of food
  • Prepare meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate
  • They will also be exposed to proper etiquette and manners
  • Play food related games
  • Learn about and understand food labels mean
  • Meet new people who also love to cook
  • Final day “Chopped Challenge”
  • Included in your tuition are all recipes, meals, apron, Certificate of Completion, & YouTube video for entire week!

To Register and more details, visit our Summer Cooking Camp page.

Also, please check out our Testimonials page from previous camps!

Registration will be open soon, but in the meantime…save the date for the next summer cooking camp – July 10th – July 14th.

Talk to your kids and see what they sparks their taste buds.  Chinese, Italian, French, American, or Japanese cuisine?  Greek, Middle Eastern, African or something else?  Let us know what your kids want – we want to hear from them. Take a look at last years’ YouTube Video and see what a great experience we had!

CAZARES Style COOKING CAMP is a comprehensive fun-filled, five-day camp (from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm) for kids, ages 8 to 16 years old – where essential life skills are taught by Jen Cazares, who brings over 35 years of gourmet cooking and baking experience. Young chefs will learn the art of the preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Your kids will be responsible for preparing meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate. They will also be exposed to proper etiquette, understanding food labels, teamwork and more!  Delicious recipes included (menus subject to change). The maximum number of children is 10.

Instructor: Jen Cazares, former caterer & restaurant owner, with over 35 years of gourmet cooking and baking experience.

It’s been a magically, delicious year – a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all who have supported Cazares Style!  Cheers to 2017, and to making more delicious, magical parties together!


My version of Braised Short Ribs Provençal served over Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes is the quintessential fall comfort meal.  This one pot dish will make your taste buds dance, and “wow!” your dinner guests!  For your next dinner party, consider Cazares Style Personal Chef Services.

Cooking is my passion, and fall is my favorite season.  Smells of autumn spice, soups that warm the soul, and meals that nurture great comfort.  Celebrate delicious food with Cazares Style, and fill your home with foods that warm your soul and meals that give you comfort. Choose a package that works for you and let the magic happen!

GRANDMA WATCHED THE COOKING CAMP YOUTUBE VIDEO: “This is so, so awesome. Oh, my goodness I just LOVE it. No wonder Carson said this was the activity he enjoyed the most this summer!!! How incredibly professional. I loved the formal table setting, and that they had to make some thing and explain how they made it. This was a win-win all around. Exposure to lots of foods, the process of preparing, chemistry, fractions, the comradery etc., etc.
This explains…. at our visit to Judy’s she set out a plate of vegetables with a dip and Peyton just sat down without being asked and started eating carrots quite a few.”
With testimonials like this…YES, THE CAMP WAS SO WORTH IT!
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