Summer Cupcake Bonanza!

August 22nd, 2015 (3 hour class) 1:00p-4:00pm – Ages 8+ years old $79 (Check/Cash or Major Credit using PayPal) Class is limited to 10 people.

Summer is not over yet! We will have fun with the theme of summer decorating flip flops, hamburger, pie, s’more, ice cream cone, piñata, and more! All you need is love for delicious, little cupcakes, the rest I will teach you. Even if you’ve never decorated a cupcake before, you will walk out a pro (well almost!). Recipes, cupcakes, frosting and decorating supplies will be provided.

We will bake one batch of cupcakes together, just so you can say you made your cupcakes from scratch! In the essence of time, I will pre-bake the balance of the cupcakes before you arrive, so you will have time to decorate each cupcake at your own pace. Everyone gets to take home a dozen of deliciously decorated, yummy cupcakes.

Pay HERE on PayPal for Summer Cupcake Bonanza!.

s'more cupcake
s’more cupcake

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