Tomorrow I will be holding a class on table etiquette & manners…today (by 5 pm) is the last day to register!

Saturday, August 8th 10:00 am to 1:00 pm – Ages 8 to 17 years old – $79  – Class is limited to 10 people

Etiquette and manners are both critical to functioning in society. Just like you go to school learn the rules of the English language through grammar, or when you learn how to drive a car, you have to follow the ‘rules of the road’, etiquette is much the same. Manners on the other hand, are more general behavioral guidelines we gradually learn from our parents. From the moment we begin to talk, our parents teach us to be polite by saying “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”. All said,  etiquette and manners is showing respect – manners set stage for your general behavior, while etiquette is the ‘how to’, or the rules for how to behave in numerous environments. Proper etiquette doesn’t come so easily – that’s why etiquette education is needed.  People often take specific etiquette lessons, as opposed to learning by example from our parents. In “Table Manners Made Easy” class, students will learn specifically about which silverware/flatware to use when, how to serve and pass food, how to politely dispose of unwanted food items, and much more!

Class details:

Table Manners Made Easy: I will highlight everything ‘table manners’ from a-z!  That’s starting off right with proper posture, setting the table, how to use your utensils, who gets served first, passing food, and more. Kids will also help with some meal preparation.  The class is 3 hours and includes a full 4-course meal! 


Check HERE and reserve your spot now with PayPal!


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