Month: June 2016

Cooking Across America!

Cazares Style Summer Cooking Camp is less then a month away, and we will be cooking up some our country’s most well known regional specialties, including dishes from contemporary Southwest, New Orleans, New England, the deep South to Hawaii! In our summer cooking camp, we will… Read More

Celebrating Peach Cobbler

Fresh peaches are one of summer’s most quintessential fruits! Peach cobbler when shared with wonderful people, make an incredible experience!  Oh, and a few raspberries don’t hurt either!  For this summer’s cooking camp we will be cooking and baking delicious, regional foods from across… Read More

Happy Retirement & Happy Birthday Celebration

A beautiful retirement celebration (and birthday party for grandma) in Pleasant Hill – June 2016 – It was so special to witness family and friends gathering to celebrate a wonderful mentor and loving grandma over simply delicious food!  I love the craft of cooking,… Read More

Celebrating Father’s Day!

Cazares Style is celebrating all the great father’s out there, and my husband is at the top of our list!  For his special dinner celebration he ordered:  Grilled wild halibut with mango-shrimp salsa, grilled asparagus, creamy baby potatoes – and to top… Read More

Celebrating New Orleans

Influenced by the French, Spanish, West Africans, Italians, and American Indians – New Orleans food is rich in culture and big in flavor!  Gumbo, Jambalaya, pralines and Banana’s Foster are foods that are “New Orleans” at its best.  We will be sharing… Read More

Celebrating Regional Cuisine Across America!

Ever had Loco Moco? Hush Puppies? Jambalaya? Silky Tortilla Soup?  Gumbo? Flan with Salted Caramel?  Well we will have a lot to explore, so belly up to some of our country’s regional specialties, including dishes from contemporary Southwest, New Orleans, New England to Hawaii! In our… Read More