etiquette education

As far back as I can remember, etiquette and manners have been ingrained into every cell of my being.  At age 5, my grandmother, Elizabeth Blanchard Howie, “Bobo”  as we called her, gave me my first book, GOOPS, And How to Be Them… A Manual for Manners for Polite Infants!  Looking back at this book as an adult, it is hilarious, full of goofy illustrations and very fun references to politeness, hospitality, patience and more.   The series has come to be seen as the quintessential series on teaching children the importance of manners and polite behavior.  
My grandmother, was of English decent, and always told me, “One day you may be invited to eat with the Queen of England, and you need to know how to act and eat at the table. Knowing proper etiquette and manners is essential”.  My grandmother was spot on… Etiquette & manners, as I have known for quite some time, are just as important as being well educated!  
Well I have never had the pleasure of being invited to a dinner at the Palace with Queen Elizabeth of England, but my grandmother was!  Well, she was invited to a dinner with Queen Elizabeth of England, at the Maverick, in Big Horn, Wyoming in 1984!  
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