As a family we love opening our house to family and friends and cooking great meals!  We only use fresh, organic foods when possible, and love “wowing” our guests. It’s important to us to have fun and to spend time with our friends and family instead of running around to get d’oeuvres out of the oven. We make sure all the fixings for drinks are ready and the table is set, so our main focus is to spend time with our guests. Because we are believers in slow cooked food and show stopper desserts –  all cooked with love, we do most of the cooking before our guests arrive.

Jen’s love of good food has produced sweet and savory delights of classic cuisine.  From the buying and handling of the best ingredients, to the ultimate creation of a delicious savory meal or an unforgettable dessert, Jennifer’s phenomenal response from friends and family was (and still is) overwhelming.  It was really no surprise that she started a catering business, which flourished into a restaurant venture.   For over 35 years, she has been cooking and baking delicious dishes for eager customers in the East Bay Area. Now out of the restaurant business, Jen resumes a lifestyle that is family driven with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Bon Appetit!

Areas of Expertise

  • 35+ Years in the Food Industry  
  • 12+ Years Human Resources Management
  • Menu Creation & Development 
  • Creative Plate Presentation 
  • Sophisticated Palate
  • Catering and Special Event Planning     
  • Etiquette & Manner Education
  • Restaurant Service Training
  • Hiring & Staff Training (FOH/BOH)
  • Customer Service Specialist   
  • Marketing
  • “Hand’s-on” Entrepreneurial Approach    

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